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Personal Nutrition Sessions

This is a Personal Nutrition Package for those who want a customized plan to fit their nutritional needs and goals.


My Approach to Holistic Nutrition:


When you work with me I will make recommendations that fit your personal needs.Everyone is unique; we all have different lifestyles, sensitivities, and personal health issues. Holistic Nutrition isn’t about restrictive diets, or unmanageable lifestyle requirements, rather about nourishing the body inside and out.


Diet: My approach to diet is all about eating whole foods, eating with mindfulness without unrealistic restrictions. Whether you are struggling with how much you eat, or what to eat, I will make personal recommendations based on your nutritional needs.


Supplementation: I believe most healing can be done with eating the right foods for your body, however I will also provide recommendations that will help assist your health needs and goals.


Lifestyle & Mindfulness: Whether it’s a 5-minute mediation, a walk in nature, or just simply having 10 minutes to yourself in the morning. I will recommend what is best for your lifestyle, as these pillars will help you along your health journey.


All clients must fill out an intake form prior to consultation.


This package includes:


  • 1 hour phone consultation

  • Personalized list of recommended foods and what to avoid

  • Natural supplement recommendations

  • Lifestyle & Mindfulness support

  • ½ hour follow up phone call

Cost $149 

Personalized Meal Plan:

Include a Personalized 7 Day Meal plan that is customized specifically for your personal health goals and needs​.

Meal Plan also includes recipes!

Cost $49

To book your One on One session or for more info, please contact me at 

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