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My go-to skincare routine? Skin Essence Organics!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

One of the most common questions I get asked is “what skincare products do you use?” Which is quite simple, Skin Essence Organics.

I have been a Holistic Nutritionist and Educator for SEO for about 5 years now, and to be honest I have always been a little hesitant in sharing my love and passion for the brand because I was afraid it would come across as bias, but the truth is I love and use these products daily!

How I discovered Skin Essence Organics...

While I was attending IHN (Institute of Holistic Nutrition), my skincare routine was pretty much non-existent because I was tired of purchasing products, as they would typically dry out and cause redness within my skin. At IHN they had weekly talks from various professionals in the natural health industry and David the co-founder of Skin Essence Organics was one of them. Listening to the information he provided about skin health and the importance of using real ingredients intrigued me and I wanted to learn more…

I started using SEO products when I landed a co-op position with the company. At the time my skin was sensitive, flaky and oily so I was excited to get started with my new routine! I couldn’t get over how the cleanser felt on my skin (I use Pure), as most cleansers made my skin feel dry, tight and irritated. The cleanser soothed, calmed and cleansed my skin properly. My skin felt clean and nourished and within a week of using a whole routine I noticed a complete change within my skin, I had a glow like I had never had before and others started to notice too.

What makes SEO unique?

· They are Certified Organic and Certified by EcoCert. These certifications are extremely important to look for when choosing personal care products as it adheres to the highest standard, quality and purity.

· Free from common irritants such as; fragrance, fillers, parabens, chemicals and alcohols.

· Made with real concentrated ingredients. All of the products are made from plants, extracts of flowers and minerals, without the use of water

· Eco-friendly, everything is packaged in air-tight amber glass bottles. This protects the delicate ingredients used so they stay fresh, and the bottles are also recyclable and useable.

· Made locally! For over 20 years SEO continues to manufacture all of their products in small batches in Ontario, Canada.

Why is it important to choose organic skincare?

Our skin is our largest organ, and we absorb about 60-80% of what we put onto our skin, therefore it is extremely important that we choose what we use wisely.

Unfortunately in North America, there isn’t a governing body that regulates the skincare industry. You might read a label and see a claim that a product is “natural” or “vegan” but they can still add parabens, fillers and fragrances that can have a negative effect on our overall health, especially our hormones.

It’s important to take the time, read the labels, look for certifications and know exactly what you are putting onto your skin.

Are Skin Essence Organics products for all skin types?

Yes! In fact they have carefully formulated their products so that every skin type can use them. Whether you have dry/dehydrated, normal/combination, sensitive/rosacea, or oil/acne prone skin, they’ve got you covered! The products also contain wonderful anti-aging properties as the ingredients used naturally contain antioxidants and minerals.

If you have any questions about Skin Essence Organics, I’d love to hear from you! Contact me at

Lastly, a reminder that it doesn’t just stop at healthy skincare, focusing on what we put into our bodies matters too for overall health and glowing skin!

I am so excited to continue sharing information with you, and stay tuned for my full skincare routine in a future post!

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