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Want glowing skin? Try herbal tea!

I’m often asked about my skin care routine, and while I do use only clean organic products I have to tell you that to truly achieve glowing skin starts from within!

Now, you may be just how I was 10 years ago when I was buying over the counter skin treatments to help cure my acne…and if someone told me then that “it starts from within” I probably would have rolled my eyes as all I ever wanted was a quick fix…

While there are many ways I now keep my skin glowing, I wanted to discuss the benefits of herbal teas as I do drink tea every day. To be honest I never was a tea drinker, in fact growing up I would only drink tea if I had a cold. However once I began to change my lifestyle and research skin health, I realized how crucial tea is not only for its many healing properties but how it could also help heal my skin.

Now there are many different teas and blends out there that are wonderful, and I will get to them in future posts, but I thought I would discuss three of my go-tos for “glowing skin”.


If you ever find yourself having reoccurring acne or various skin issues, chances are your digestion needs a boost! This is where dandelion comes in…

  • Dandelion is great for increasing bile which helps our bodies break down enzymes needed in the digestion process.

  • This wonder plant also helps to cleanse our livers and help eliminate excess toxins.

  • A great source of antioxidants, including vitamin A it’s high antioxidant properties can help reduce inflammation, as well as may prevent pre mature aging due to its free radical damage fighting power!


Calendula flowers boasts many different healing properties, which can be great for combating redness, eczema, and rashes.

  • The powerful anti-inflammatory properties found in Calendula can help to reduce redness, as well as may help to decrease itching in skin rashes.

  • Calendula also has many healing properties that can be helpful when applied topically.

  • *Tip – Before you take the last sip of your tea soak a cotton pad in the last few drops and apply to clean skin.


You may find that rosehip seed oil has become fairly popular in the skin care industry lately, and while I also use an oil topically I also consume rosehip tea.

  • Not only is rosehip a great source of antioxidants it’s particularly known for being high in vitamin C!

  • Rosehip can naturally tone the skin and can help balance the pH of the skin.

  • Drinking rosehip tea can also help stimulate collagen production, due to the high content of vitamin C.

Please note: Herbal tea can be extremely beneficial for most individuals, however if you are on any medications, antibiotics, or have any medical conditions, please check to see if certain herbs are okay as some should be avoided.

One last note, these teas are not only great for skin health, but your over all health and I do recommend that when it comes to tea you only buy organic. Tea should also be sipped and enjoyed, be mindful and thankful for what nature has provided you and enjoy the experience!

Stay wild,

Laura xo

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